Alison Butler Solicitor

Alison Butler

Qualifications: Solicitor LLB
Professional Memberships: Law Society of NSW, Law Institute of Victoria, Albury and District Law Society

I am a Commercial Solicitor and I have been employed with Harris Lieberman since 1997. I am based in Harris Lieberman’s Albury office and am able to advise on matters in both Victoria and New South Wales. My focus is commercial property transactions including both land and lease holdings, business transactions and residential property. The commercial area is multi-faceted and I am experienced in matters associated with trusts and superannuation.

I enjoy approaching commercial dealings with a holistic or encompassing style which allows a client to consider an issue which may not previously have been within their focus. This requires consideration of additional factors which can add benefit or value to clients or other stakeholders within the matter. I enjoy working with all clients whether it is assisting in the commencement of an exciting small local business or operating at a level where I am working with large national companies – focus and a caring attitude is required for all matters.

The field of commercial law is technical and can be complex. Careful consideration needs to be made in the drafting of documents at the time of the transaction given that some matters, for example leasing, may continue to include the same initially drafted provisions within a recurring Lease for the next 25 years. If the documents are drafted incorrectly initially, the Lease may continue to burden a client many times over. Accordingly, precise and exacting attention to detail is critical in the commercial space in order to avoid commercial risk.

Legislation and regulations can change daily and it is essential to keep in control of this to avoid errors being made which may have ramifications to clients.

I am experienced in providing assistance in personal legal affairs for example Wills and Powers of Attorney.

I have extensive experience in the legal industry and am a strong legal professional  who appreciates the intricacies and complexities of law and the examination and analysis that is required in each matter.